Monday, May 14, 2007

8 May: When it Rains, it Pours!

Well, it didn’t exactly pour, but Evelyne and I got thoroughly soaked on our walk this morning. Just moments before we arrived back at her house, the sun came out. On our way back we saw Herr K with his little dachshund Wastel. Herr K looked exactly the part of the quintessential German gentleman, with his olive green felt coat, wooden cane, and brown rubber loafers.

Evelyne invited me in for coffee and homemade rhubarb cake while she put my very wet jeans in the dryer (she has a dryer!!). Today she showed me more family photos from their trip to Europapark (the German equivalent of Disneyland), her son Birk’s confirmation (hard to imagine that cute smiling kid turned into the glum hippie skateboarder I’ve glimpsed only twice!), and more Eiko photos. Mixed in between somewhere was a photo of a boar’s severed head lying in a bucket - obviously from some successful hunting party. I'm still trying to imagine being invited over to someone's house in the States and seeing a picture of a boar's head.

It clouded up again in the late afternoon and I went running with Cody in the rain. I love it because it keeps me cool and I feel like I can run forever, but Cody was rather miserable and I had to drag him along. Of course I paid dearly for my pleasure because Cody left muddy smudges wherever he laid down for the rest of the evening.

Beth called today and we arranged to meet on Friday afternoon for coffee.

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