Monday, May 14, 2007

7 May

Eiko was back from his hunting trip today. Gerd just got his one buck but his friends didn't get any deer, so they were all frustrated. Gerd had actually seen several more deer but he chose not to shoot them because he didn't want his friends to be jealous. Now isn't that honorable? It was cloudy today but we’ve had only the briefest sprinkle. What we really need is a good solid downpour.

Evelyne told me a rather creepy story (after we ran into a guy walking alone in the woods who acted a bit odd) about how she and her girlfriend were walking one morning a few years ago and they saw what looked to be a man’s legs sticking out from behind a tree a short distance from the trail. They thought it was a little strange but didn’t investigate further. It turns out that the man had committed suicide, probably earlier that morning, but he wasn’t discovered until a dog sniffed him out that evening. Evelyne had to talk to the police and explain what she had seen. She said she felt very strange passing that spot for a long time afterwards.

I haven’t said much about my German lessons with Stefanie in quite a long time, but they are going swimmingly – we never run out of things to talk about, and I always have more pictures to show her. (We still haven’t gotten through all of Africa yet.) Today we discussed my visit to the Wilhelma and she asked me how I felt about zoos. I told her it was very difficult to see all the African animals cooped up in pens and cages after seeing them in the wild.

Next week is going to be pretty busy as we’ll be getting ready for our trip to Michigan, so we decided to take a two-week pause. I’m sad to say that I only have nine classes left with Stefanie. I'm going to try to stretch them out until August.

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