Wednesday, May 9, 2007

11 April: Let's Play with Makeup!

I headed over to Sindelfingen after lunch to attend IWC member Brenda’s makeup party. She is a licensed makeup artist and volunteered to give us all some lessons in makeup application. When I arrived, Heather and Thuy were already there; we were soon joined by an Argentinian woman named Claudia – a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Argentinian of Swiss-Italian descent, who was a real kick! Honestly, I have met the most fascinating people in the IWC! Later on Sabina the midwife arrived. We all enjoyed kaffee und kuchen in Brenda’s bright and airy dining room and then settled in the living room to get down to business. Claudia volunteered to be the guinea pig and Brenda proceeded to entertain us with her down-to-earth and slightly bawdy sense of humor. Who knew makeup could be so much fun? I’m thinking she should somehow be able to profit from the skill of maintaining a non-stop comedic monologue while applying makeup. We had a great time and I learned some new tricks. Afterwards we sat down to another serving of cake and Brenda’s awesome cherry crisp before calling it a day.

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