Monday, May 14, 2007

6 Sunday: Wir Fahren Rad (We go biking)

John had to go to work again this morning (apparently DaimlerChrysler does not feel compelled to abide by the German rule that Sundays are Ruhetage – “quiet days”) but fortunately it was only for about an hour. We finally got our act together and went for our first bike ride of spring. John worked on our bikes last weekend so they were freshly lubed and adjusted. We went about ten miles, making a great big loop through the woods – first heading towards Schloss Solitude and up some long, gentle hills, then across on the long, straight path I call the "Dog-o-bahn" and up to the Birkenkopf. The brief rain had cleared the air slightly and the view was spectacular. Then we headed home via a short stretch of singletrack. It was nice to be on my bike again, although it reminded me why I dislike running so much! (No downhill stretches where you can relax in the cool wind.)

For dinner I recreated the balsamic-marinated beef salad that John had for lunch in Ravensburg. I think I did a pretty good job - and it looked very pretty!

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