Thursday, May 10, 2007

16 April: Planning Our Trip Home

We’ve finally got the dates nailed down for our trip home to Michigan in May, so today I spent some time making phone calls to set up our doctor and dentist appointments. We’ll be going for a week, and hope to do some spring cleaning in the yard while we’re there. We’ll need to arrange for a lawn mowing service over the summer, renew our mail forwarding, and take care of any other little items around the house that need fixing. John’s going to check out what the baggage limit is for us on the corporate jet because we also want to start bringing some stuff home (somehow we’ve acquired quite awful lot more stuff than we originally brought over).

I'm spending lots of time sitting at my computer with the window open, letting the sights and smells of spring waft in...there were a few brief days when the horse chestnut, the cherry tree and the wisteria on our balcony were all blooming simultaneously!

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