Thursday, May 10, 2007

20 April: Frischlingen!

I took my camera on my walk this afternoon to capture one of those perfect spring days when everything seems right with the world. The sun was shining through the delicate new beech leaves in the most spectacular way and Cody kept getting annoyed at me for stopping to admire the scene.

I was lucky enough to encounter this spring’s crop of Frischlingen (baby wild boar) right up close to the fence. I took a whole bunch of pictures and a couple of short videos.

The protective mama pig was not too happy about Cody being so close to her little ones and rushed the fence a couple of times. An older couple was throwing pieces of bread into the enclosure, so that kept them near the fence for a quite a while (normally they get bored if they figure out you don’t have any food and move away). The little ones were soooo cute! Just like Babe in the movies, only with more hair, and spots and stripes, and probably sharper teeth...

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