Wednesday, March 12, 2008

26 October: Lunch with Beth & Katrina

I met Beth and Katrina downtown for lunch today. We went to a new Italian place just off of the Schlossplatz which is part of a chain of pizza-pasta places with a unique format: you walk in and pick up a plastic card like a credit card, which you use to “buy” your food at various stations, where they make pizza and pasta to your specifications. If you’re ordering a pizza, you get a pager that goes off when your pizza is ready. You buy drinks at another station and then at the end of your meal you go to the checkout station, where they take your card and ring you up. The place was packed and the pizza was quite good. Afterwards we went over to Starbucks behind the Schlossplatz and hung out in the upstairs lounge for a long time. It was quite an enjoyable way to spend a Friday afternoon with good friends!

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