Monday, March 17, 2008

12 November: Back to the Doctor

I was smart this time and took the U-Bahn to the doctor’s office; there's a stop only a block away but I had to change lines to get there so it took a good half-hour. My test results weren’t back yet so I had to sit in the waiting room for nearly half an hour. Finally I was shown in and Dr. Linckh told me that my hormone levels were very low – only 115, when she expected to see 800-1000. She said that I was either off on the date of conception or it was possible that the zygote had aborted. They would need to take another blood sample and see if the numbers went up. She did another vaginal ultrasound but still couldn’t see anything, although she did notice something called a Myome, which turns out to be a fibroid - a benign mass of cells in my uterus. She said it should not affect my pregnancy because it is not bulging out into my uterus, but she did print out an image from the ultrasound that I can take back to Michigan. She told me to call tomorrow after 5:00 for the next round of test results. So I didn’t have much to tell the parental units this evening – more watching and waiting! It was getting dark by the time I was heading home; John said he was coming home early because he wasn’t feeling well, but I asked him to walk Cody for me so I could pick up some groceries on my way back.

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