Monday, March 17, 2008

12 November: Really Good News!

John developed a fever overnight and ended up staying home sick today. (That's obviously not the really good news.) I spent most of the day organizing the results from the furniture sale and otherwise wasting time (honestly, I don’t know where my time goes these days). We had to take John’s car in at 5:00 to get his winter tires put on (just in the nick of time, too!) so we didn’t get back until nearly 6:00. I called the doctor’s office and spoke with Dr. Linchk directly, which was a relief. Imagine my surprise when she told me that my hCG was over 400! She said this was very good news and scheduled me for another ultrasound next Tuesday.

I went online and did some research about hCG levels, the hormone that they are looking at in my blood. It turns out that I was well within the normal range with a count of 115 at three weeks along, and the increase to 400 within 3.5 days is very good, as the number is supposed to double every 2-3 days. I was so so excited, overwhelmed even! Last night I had been quite depressed and had pretty much convinced myself that it was all over. It is just incredibly hard to believe that I am actually pregnant. It would be wonderful to be able to tell my kid that s/he was “made in Germany” (and, even better, went on the Nürburgring as a zygote!), and the timing could not be better with us going back to long as I don't develop really terrible morning sickness in the next month!

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