Monday, March 17, 2008

15 November: Eliza's Pearl Sale

I walked over to Eliza’s after my morning walk to check out the pearl jewelry that she brought back from her trip home to Malaysia. Unfortunately she didn’t bring any of the really unusual colored pearls that she often wears, but she had some beautiful stuff and I had a tough time making my selections. Shannon had already picked out a couple of strands of green pearls and shell beads that I coveted! Beth and Brenda were also there and had picked out some very nice things. I ended up buying three necklaces and a bracelet.

Eliza can’t entertain without cooking up a feast, and she had prepared an amazing spread of scrambled eggs, sausage, fish ball soup, and fried rice. She was pouring Sekt for everyone and I had to decline, “because of my cold,” but Eliza gave me a funny look and said, “not because you are pregnant?” Obviously the girls know me well enough to question my refusal of a glass of wine. Finally we were all sitting around the table and the topic of pregnancy kept coming up and I looked at Beth and said, “I just can’t do this anymore!” I am a terrible liar, so I told them the truth, and of course Brenda said, “I thought so!” It was a relief to make it public; I know it’s still really early, but if something happens, it was meant to be and I know everyone will be very understanding.

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