Wednesday, January 30, 2008

5 September: Lunch at the Weindorf

After the IWC meeting this morning, Katrina and I went downtown and had lunch at the Weindorf, Stuttgart’s annual wine festival. Katrina had never been to the Weindorf so it was fun to show her around. As usual on a weekday afternoon, the place was pretty quiet and we had no trouble finding an open spot in one of the cheerful restaurant tents. We shared a Pfannkuchen, the traditional Schwäbisch thin-crusted pizza topped with sour cream, onions and smoked ham, along with a serving of Ofenkartofeln, roasted potatoes with creamy garlic sauce. We washed it all down with glasses of Weißweinschörle, white wine mixed with sparkling water. (I know most wine connoisseurs would be appalled to hear of this popular German refreshment, but when the wine is as cheap as it is here, you just can’t say no to a nice cool Schörle on a warm summer day.) I can’t say our meal was all that healthy, but it sure tasted good!

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