Thursday, January 31, 2008

15 September: BBQ on the Birkenkopf

John’s friend Sarkis invited us to his annual barbeque on the Birkenkopf this evening, so we took Cody for an early walk and then headed through the woods (moving at a slow pace for my benefit) and up the long, spiral trail to the top of the hill, the highest point around Stuttgart. Sarkis is a designer and a vegetarian so he sent out a really funny invitation featuring skewered animals (including a cat and a tropical fish) over a roaring fire. (The invitation to the “Grill Fest” goes on to list the items Sarkis and his girlfriend will be offering: sparkling wine and juice, veggie burgers, bread, a good mood, and fire. Invitees are requested to bring meat, perhaps salad, a “good or better” mood, still more fire, and anything else we might wish for.)

It turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous evening for a barbeque. A little on the chilly side, but sunny and clear. The view out over Stuttgart was simply stunning. We could even see a blimp flying above Gottlieb-Daimler stadium. I didn’t know anyone else there so I felt a little out of my element, but John didn’t know most of them either because the majority were non-Mercedes people (many of them were “refugees” from Smart who had gone on to other jobs when Mercedes closed the Smart design studio). But we had a good time and enjoyed the food – burgers, sausages, salad, cake, and cookies, all washed down with plenty of Sekt. (Sarkis and his friends had hauled a half-case of Sekt, two grills and a load of food all the way up the hill on a little rolling luggage cart!) We were treated to a spectactular sunset and then John and I headed home, since we wanted to get back before dark.

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