Friday, February 1, 2008

18 September: The IWC Does Italian (Again)

This evening Shannon drove me and Eliza to the IWC dinner at Da Vinci, an Italian restaurant in Leinfelden. It was a great evening as usual. I had carpaccio and a pizza, which was delicious but left me no room for dessert. Towards the end of the evening there were five of us left – me, Eliza, Shannon, Sabine, and Tine – and we all gathered around one end of the table to chat. The waiter brought out complimentary glasses of that lovely anise-flavored Italian digestif, which I can never remember the name of. Shannon couldn’t drink because she was driving, Sabine doesn’t drink at all because she is constantly on call as a midwife, and Tine is nursing, which left five shot glasses for me and Eliza to share. We downed two each and then I said what the heck, and drank the last one. I guess my digestive system was well-cared for tonight!

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